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Who is Dr. Ighodalo

Dr. Ighodalo is a renowned herbologist and herbalist who dedicated his whole life searching for natural cures of many Viral and infectious diseases, healing patients with psychological and psychosomatic complications. While treating patients, Dr.Ighodalo uses different herbs and herbal products without any side effects. He has cured more than 120,000 patients with 350 different illnesses all over the world. Most of his patients are from America and Europe. His utmost priority is to discover all the necessary herbs to cure all curable diseases.

Herbalist New York:  Dr.Ighodalo

Although known as an alternative treatment, the use of herbs as natural remedies and herbal medicine equivalently is now a common practice in people and in medical science too. According to recent statistics, in America alone, 3 out of 10 choose the herbal treatment as their first priority. Consequently, the appeal for a herbalist, who uses herbs or herbal medicine to solve medical issues, has grown stronger than earlier, and the trend is growing surprisingly. Many reasons can be attributed to such success, among them, the human mechanism’s acceptability to herbal products and the fewer side effects are major factors.

And of course, besides numerous health benefits, herbal treatment comes with a few other conveniences like low cost or increased saving, easy to make at home, and self-healing. Moreover, since their benefits are pure compared to those of traditional medicine, which comes with a few other side effects, herbalism, in recent days, is enticing people to replace over-the-counter medications with more natural ones. 

Such a hipe leads people to search for the best herbalist, who can take care with utmost professionalism and efficiency while treating patients, and who is experienced and has a real desire to help people. 

Here comes Dr.Ighodalo, an experienced one, with more than 33 years in clinical herbology and as a herbalist, I hope you know the difference, this multi-talented man is simply one out of a million, while considering him as the best herbalist in new york would precisely be the best attribution to him.

As a long career, he has cured thousands of patients around the world with pure herbs and herbal products. While his affiliation with organizations such as West African Traditional Herbalism provided others with the highest level of insight into herbalism.

Education & Affiliation

The second priority to choosing the right practitioner is to know about his training and education qualification. On the other hand, practitioners’ affiliation with standard and accepted organizations proves practitioners’ quality. Both of these criteria need to be evaluated before spending a few dollars.

In New York, while the professional certificate is not necessary to practice herbalism, practicing Chinese herbology, which is rather more specific, does require a certificate from organizations like National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), which works to maintain standard and competencies in the profession.

Dr. Ighodalo has completed his graduation from ancient Chinese herbology. He also attended Makerere University from 1981-1985, where he studied human anatomy. Since his father was a Traditional healer and was very popular among people, Dr. Ighodalo started learning to treat different illnesses by using only organic herbal plants before completing his university degree.

Dr. Ighodalo is a Senior herbologist in West African Traditional Herbalism, and he has been affiliated with renowned organizations in Africa and around the world. Moreover, he is also giving his service online to his patients. Because he is not only famous in Africa but also in New York as the best herbalist.

Experience and Professionalism

Nowadays, It is more common for us to search in Google, asking for information about a particular query. As such, searching for the best herbalist in New York will give you numerous lists of herbalists. It is obvious since to call oneself a herbalist does not require much effort, experience, and professionalism. Only a course with a limited time duration is enough to write your name as a herbalist. There are thousands of them. 

Experience is one of the first priorities before you select a herbal practitioner. Professionalism and experience, while can be described individually, are related while discussing practitioner. An experienced man with wisdom can be a professional.

Dr.Ighodalo completely fulfills this criterion. 33 years of huge experience actually started while he was a child. His desire to be a herbalist comes from his father, who was a renowned herbalist in Africa. 

Herbalist Ighodalo’s Achievement

During his long career, Dr. Ighodalo has been awarded and honored by different organizations for his contributions as a herbologist to his country and even around the world.

Nobles International Award 2014 for being An Eminent West African who upholds the virtue of Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability.

Herbal Industry Entrepreneur of the year 2015 by Entrepreneurs Foundation of Uganda. He also got a Special Recognition Award in the same year by the Rhythms of African Music Foundation.

Thank You Award in 2016  for his contribution to Health & Sanitation. And Uganda Entrepreneurs Awards 2016 by Entrepreneurs Foundation of Uganda.

Africa International Award of Merit 2017 by East Africa International Press. And Heroes of Distinction Awards in 2017.


Respecting Cultures, Honoring Roots, Giving Voice, Supporting Long-Term Commitment, Defending Mother Earth, Inspiring Equality, Fostering Change Through Activism, Promoting Holistic Health as a Human Right for All, Fortifying Empowerment & Embracing Solidarity

One of the greatest herbalist in New york

I Cure Different Types Of Human Infections And Diseases Using Natural Roots And Herbs.

My major areas of concentration are Sexually transmitted infections (STI), also referred to as sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and venereal diseases (VD)” such as ;

  • MERS-CoV
  • HIV
  • Etc

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